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    A UK market leader - we develop best-selling bespoke gifts for the heritage & retail sectors. We are I AM MADE.

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    We make beautiful bespoke gifts for the heritage sector - from Stonehenge to Roman bath spas, and historic boats to legendary castles. We aim to make products that are different, standout and crucially, that sell. We work for leading world heritage destinations and high street retailers across the UK, Jersey and France. We specialise in developing 3D lenticular products and are now the UK's leading producer. In 2017, we launched a brand new product range - our 3D puzzles. We now create stunning 3D puzzle models that can be tailored to fit any brief and design.

    Bespoke 3D lenticular gifts

    3D postcards + 3D fridge magnets + 3D bookmarks

    UK's leading producer of bespoke 3D lenticulars for the heritage market. We use only the best quality lenticular lenses and work for the UK's top tourist destinations across the UK, Jersey and France.


    Our best selling products are still our quality 3D postcards and 3D magnets. We also can produce other bespoke lenticulars: including bookmarks, notebooks, posters and keyrings.

    3D puzzle/models


    We make clever, bespoke 3d puzzles of almost anything - from buildings to bridges and animals.


    Our bespoke 3D puzzle range are new for 2017. We have developed a flat pack design that will standout in store, take up less space, while being fun and challenging for all ages from 7-99.


    Get in touch to see how we might turn your venue into a stunning 3D puzzle model.

  • Who We Are

    We're a small product design studio, based in the creative quarter of Bristol in Spike Island near Brunel's ss Great Britain. We develop and manufacture products that standout in a crowded retail space. Crucially all our products sell well and are popular with our customer's visitors.

  • Who we work with

    We develop bespoke gifts for some of the leading tourist attractions, with global profile, as well as some of the smaller venues. Take a look at a range of our high profile customers. Get in touch to see how we can help your venue produce something unique and successful.

    A selection of our customers

    A small selection of the leading heritage and retail venues that we develop bespoke merchanise for:

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    Company no: 7839645